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As you have read on our caster page you will realize Westerfield Sales specializes in working with hospitals and nursing homes. We understand supplying a high quality product at a reasonable price helps keep your medical facility more productive.

Westfield Sales keeps a wide variety of casters in all different sizes in stock for immediate shipment. Having your equipment down because of a broken wheel is not beneficial to you or your patients. Westfield sales is a distributor of TENTE Casters, the caster that is most used on Hil-Rom and Stryker beds and stretchers.  All you need to do is tell us the series of the bed or the stretcher and Westerfield Sales will make sure that you get the appropriate casters. Westerfield Sales also knows being quiet is an important part to a patient’s care. We can supply you with reasonable cost, crowned grey non-marking wheels and or polyurethane wheels with quieter precision bearings. Just give us a call and most of the time we can help you over the phone. If you’re need of a salesmen we can have one contact you.

If you’re in the need for storage equipment mobile or stationary.  Westerfield Sales can supply you with laundry carts, wire shelving carts and stationary wire shelving. Westerfield Sales can also supply you with Rubbermaid products or equivalent. Just contact us and we can talk to you about all the material handling and storage products we handle. 

Westerfield Sales can supply you with a wide variety of wheelchair parts. Medline and Invacare parts for any broken wheel chair. A broken part on a wheelchair is a safety hazard for any medical facility. Just contact us with the make of the chair and we will supply you with the needed part. If you are look for custom upholstery for older chairs Westerfield Sales can get custom made seating for you at a reasonable cost. So you don’t have to worry about throwing that old chair out you can make it new again and put it back into service.

Contact Westerfield Sales and ask for one of their caster and material handling binders for your office or maintenance department today.

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